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Written by Ramuri

What you need to check on your website in 2021

Having a website is one of the main initial stages of getting your business online, however you have to be very careful with the kind of website you are putting online. It should be a website that will increase your sales and not only for online display.

Most people usually make a mistake of getting a sub standard website online which cannot provide a way for clients to request for services. You need to have your website well developed to allign with your business strategic goals and vision.

Some of the main reasons why most websites are unprofitable are:

1.Poor design and development of the website.

Everyone loves nice things therefor your website must look beautiful when a client visits it. Your developer should layout it well,every button,link,form or photo must be clearly placed.

2.Search Engine Unfriendly Website.

Most Search Engine Unfriendly Websites have heavy graphics, a lot of inline CSS, unfriendly URLs, have no h1 tags and less h2 tags, images lack alt text, no htaccess file, no robots.txt file, they are not registered in google webmaster tools e.t.c.

3.Poor online marketing.

Apart from creating a nice website you should do a well-organized online marketing so that people can discover your website. This involves creating social media pages on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter e.t.c.

Do you have a website which has never brought in new clients? If Yes you Need to do a Redesign of the website. You can do this by informing your developer to do it or you can hire our experienced developers to do it. Your website should automate your daily office operations.


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